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Forging Shops consists of three manufacturing techniques
CLOSE DIE FORGE Counter Blow Hammer-2 Nos.

Self Countain Resprocking – 1No.
Beldrop Hammer – 1 No.
Trimming Press – 3 Nos.

Open Forge Open Forgings Hammer – 4 Nos.

RING ROLLING MILL The Company has installed WagnerRAW –80/63-2000/400. Thesaid Ring Rolling Plant is a “Brand New” set up by German Experts. Our Ring Rolling equipment is attached with Forging Presses / Hammers and Automated Feeders/ Manipulators / Forklifts wherein the material is rolled at controlled temperature with optimum heating conditions, as required, per engineering code. It is one of the most automated and technologically advanced facilities in the country.


The company has 4 Nos. of Oil fired Heat Treatment Furnaces. Some of these furnaces are equipped with Oil and /or Water quenching set up. These furnaces are bogie-hearth furnaces. Forgings are Heat Treated as per Material Specification. Most commonly used procedures for Heat Treatment followed in the Company is : Normalising, Annealing, Tempering, and Hardening (Water or Oil Quenching).

The company is well reputed for it’s machining capacity all over Northern Region. Five sheds are dedicated for this process Metal Fabricators & Re Rollers is a new company located at the outskirts of New Delhi and is solely for precision machining. The machine shops consists of several lathes. Large Facin Machines, Vertical Lathes. WMW drill Machines and several others. “In order to maintain our reputation for providing Quality products all machining jobs are done in-house.”

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